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4th revolution: Just around the corner

Human civilization has evolved over millions of years. The recorded history of our civilization has a few cornerstones that revolutionized human society. These corner stones were rightly termed as revolutions and it all started with invention of the harnishion of the element, fire, to the invention of a wheel.

Historically, the modern era of this known history of human civilization marks industrialization as the first revolution. Industrialization marks the first event in the history of mankind which enhances the ability of humans to produce mass products. This revolution led to machines replacing humans in labour intensive industries thereby releasing a major portion of the population into service oriented jobs. The second revolution was the knowledge revolution, where computers substituted the marathon task of humans in analysing data and computing problems. This revolution also liberated a sizable population of the society to innovate and expand on their knowledge bases.

The third revolution was the digital revolution, which led to seamless transfer of data and voice around the earth thereby reducing the wastage of time, effort and resources employed in such activities. This digitalization also helped humans in evolving the society to move from tangible assets like paper currency to non-tangible assets wherein the paper currency is replaced by digital nomenclatures. The whole transaction happens through the digital world without any physical movements.

Now, we humans are about to experience the 4th revolution of artificial intelligence. The enormous scope and application of this revolution will not only enhance the lifestyle of humans but also make the world most unpredictable. A few of the applications where this revolution will influence human lifestyle is the way in which humans commute. The day is not far off when humans would commute in vehicles driven using AI without human interaction. This technology could drastically reduce road accidents caused due to fatigue and human error.

Another area where this technology will shift the paradigm of security is by helping the law enforcement agencies to apprehend law breakers and criminals by using this technology. The AI would help by tracking criminals by using face recognition which would result in more secure communities and societies.

As exciting as this revolution sounds, it will have its drawbacks like the rest. But as we have evolved over time and overcome the limitations of the other revolutions, we just have to gear up and learn from our mistakes with time, right?

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