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  • Anika Tibrewal

A Bond Beyond Words

Sometimes I wonder why I've never seen my father cry. But I know that behind a very strong and independent man, there is a very sensitive and emotional side too. He never asks for anything in return for his effortless and unconditional love, and it’s all taken for granted. It’s amazing how he would do anything for me, just to see a smile on my face. It’s beautiful how he never asks to be appreciated, and provides selflessly for his family throughout his life. He ensures that I never see him troubled or worried, never complains about anything and solves any problem that comes his way.

My father and I share a very special bond with each other. We’ve gone for many one day treks and camps and since we share the same interests, it’s even more fun. It’s the small and cute little things which make our relationship different from any other. We have spent endless nights together talking about everything happening in our lives and always found some way or another to spend time and communicate with each other. I've always been a father’s girl and will remain to be one. There is so much of peace, love and warmth in his hugs that it fixes any problem or feeling of loneliness that I have, since I am an only child. I look a lot like my father and I feel good when someone notices this and comments on the same.

When we are together, it feels like we are in our own world created only for the two of us. We have gone together for activities such as beach clean-ups, plantation drives, marathons etc where we made unforgettable memories. We also share common interests such as our taste in music, movies and even our love for dogs! It’s amazing how we are so similar! I feel the best part of our relationship is that I am so open and free about everything with my father. I can talk to him about whatever I want, he patiently listens to everything I say, and then gives his measured and thoughtful inputs on the same.

It’s like I found my best friend, my partner in crime, my role model and my superhero all in one person. He inspires me to become a better person everyday. I’m not very expressive when it comes to talking about my feelings but this article is a medium of telling him how much love and respect I have for him.

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