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  • Sana Patil

A loop in time

I was a simple young lad with a normal life before the most catastrophic event I had ever experienced. Like any other day, I went to school, finished my homework on the bus, and reached home just in time for my favorite show to start on the television. Suddenly, the door rang and startled me. When I answered, nobody was there, only a letter with a fancy seal. I ran upstairs and jumped on the bed, excitement filling every corner of my body. The letter said ‘Congratulations! You are selected to be one of the few people in the world to visit our science exhibition with wonders no one has ever seen! This letter has a ticket for you to visit, but only you.’ The day after, I had my bags packed and was ready to leave for El Dorado. I was old enough to travel by myself and had experience traveling alone on aircraft.

I was escorted to a magnificent building with glass walls when the plane landed. The architecture had me amazed at every turn they took. It looked like a sphere with train tracks going in a circle around it and a toy train running on those tracks.

There was a small model of one of their newest spacecraft, but that didn't interest me as much as the time machine. I read in an article on a site that there was a door labeled ‘staff only’ in the building with the world's greatest invention. I sneaked away from the small group of 4 people and the tour guide and decided to go on an adventure of my own.

The building was filled with faculty, which was fine for me, my interest in this exhibition had started a few years ago, so I had the blueprint of it memorized. After fifteen minutes of hiding behind walls, avoiding people, and feeling guilty, I finally made it into the room.

There was a tall tube with a door. I wore one of the helmets on the table and entered the time machine. The next thing I remembered was my head spinning with lights everywhere. I felt dizzy as I walked out of the machine. Then suddenly the realization hit me and I thought to myself where exactly was I? What year was this? Is this the future or the past? I held my head high anyway and looked around the room I was in.

Then, a realization hit me. This was my room, but from when I was 9. I am currently 13 and that means that I had traveled back in time before COVID ever existed. I never noticed the small things that truly made my room feel like the person living in it was happy. The sun's rays hit directly on the wall behind my bed, the potted plants were thriving with a forest green color, and my glasses were kept neatly on my wooden table. 

So much had changed, not only my room but me too. Then, within a moment, the door flung open. There came a little boy running in with a big smile on his face. The little boy was none other than younger me. As soon as he saw me, he was in awe. He didn't look scared but rather excited. I whispered in his ear that he could not tell his mother- which I guess was my mother as well- that I was here. The one thing I found scary about time traveling was the fact that one tiny mistake and I could alter the timeline, and my future. 

Within a flash, I was teleported. I was floating in some loop dimension and the colors were all variants of purple and red. There were tiny sparks, almost like stars everywhere, and for once, I felt truly lost. Lost but in a good way, the kind where you meant to get lost so your mind could wander and find some purpose. When I blinked, I had escaped this madness and I was on my two feet again, standing in my normal room. I was exhausted but I was wondering why I did not teleport back to the science exhibition. I walked out of my room but as soon as I did, my face went pale. I was no longer on our normal planet, all I saw were robots walking around everywhere with flying drones. Where was I and more importantly why was I in the body of a robot?

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