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  • Anika Punjabi

A Moment Of Panic

I patiently waved at my parents from the window, a gentle smile plastered to my face. My eyebrows were raised with eagerness as I watched their car drive off to a full-day seminar. Unable to contain my excitement any longer, I shouted out with glee. I could barely imagine it, a FULL day to myself! Doing a tiny side-to-side dance, I sauntered into the kitchen. I had a fantastic plan for today. I promptly ordered some food for myself and switched the TV on. I had been looking forward to seeing ‘Children of the Ocean’, which was about to begin on channel fifty-eight. Grinning at the screen I started skipping through channels.

All of a sudden, the remote stopped working. As I attempted to repair it, a news channel started

playing. The alarming segment was about a chain of burglaries that had been occurring in our

neighbourhood. Feeling a chill run down my back, I vigorously smacked the remote on a pillow. The TV abruptly turned off. I steadily got up to look out the window, black rain slashing at the glass. Getting quite frightened now, I dashed back to the sofa. The shadows all around me grew longer as thunder crashed down on the world. White streaks of light flashed in the sky.

Unexpectedly a loud pounding noise came from outside. My heart thumped loudly in my entire

body. I immediately thought of the burglaries. What if those robbers were outside? What if they

break the door open? What was I to do now? My body froze in absolute terror.

Remembering that mom kept a sturdy umbrella near the door, I mustered the courage to slowly

make a move towards the door. Carefully tracing my steps there, I lifted the umbrella. I swiftly

gathered myself into a fighting stance, trying to keep from trembling out of fear. Was I ready to face what was behind that door? With a deep breath, I swung the door open, prepared to embrace an impact. To my utmost shock, drenched in the rain, were my thoroughly displeased parents with a scowl on both their faces. I gave them an apologetic smile and let them inside. Unfortunately, their seminar had been cancelled. Once they freshened up, the light came back and the pizza arrived. Though this wasn’t the day I expected, I surely had a good time.

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