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  • Prishaa Sharma

A Ray of Hope

The ray of hope to see in life,

The ray of hope that you can feel

It is the ray, which will take you far

Tap on the same and go with your heart.

That will be your bright start

To achieve things that you want to,

To get that freedom from the blue,

Success is right there waiting for you!

So embrace it with the feeling all new

Success is written in your destiny

You have to make a choice in a few.

Hope is all about living life beautifully even when there are numerous challenges day in and day out in our daily routines.

A ray of hope is that small amount of happiness in trying times. There are times in life when we break apart. All the strength gathered by us in all those years is ripped apart. We feel melancholy and can’t see that one little flicker of hope that hasn’t vanished but sitting quietly in the corner of our conscience. We fail to understand where all the courage has gone while facing the trying situations in life. We end up judging, criticising every smallest thing and every possibility around us. But all we need is to find that ray of hope helping us to get back to life, back on the track of facing the challenges with sheer courage.

Meditating and dancing are my rays of hope. In my trying times there have been situations where I have been low in confidence, with trembling legs, and going back to my practice of meditating has helped me overcome the fear.

The age-old story of Noah’s Ark from the Bible is the best example of a ray of hope. Noah built an ark to save all life on earth that was going to be destroyed by the deluge. He was mocked by all. But his belief in God, his ray of hope to survive from this flood resulted in survival and creation of a new life.

Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, also believed in the ray of hope. He followed the principle of non-violence and truthfulness and also made other people follow it and that helped us in gaining our independence.

In recent times, when we are all sharing the sufferings of this pandemic, listening to the experiences of people like Sonali Bendre, Lisa Ray we can further conclude that holding on to positivity as a ray of hope has only helped them come out of deadly diseases such as cancer, and we too must hold onto that ray that will enable us to survive, revive as well as thrive once we are out of these times.

I hereby end by summarizing that holding on to one ray of hope, being positive in all situations, trusting yourself, meditating and healing our soul will help us gain back all the energy to follow our dreams. Hope will help us to take on the world, leading us to the way of peace and tranquillity.

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