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A scar and A friendship

It was a cold winter evening, and I had just finished my kickboxing class. Every single bone in my body was aching. It felt as if every next step was the last one before I crumbled into exhaustion. I mentally thanked God that my home was only five minutes away. After I walked for what seemed like centuries, I heard an ear-piercing shriek behind me. I quickly turned a mistake; I realized as my head felt dizzy for a moment- and noticed the source of it. It came from a girl who I recognized as the latest newcomer in our class. I remember her being quite fun to talk to.

A figure snatched her purse and was about to run as the girl caught one strap of the sling bag and pulled back. The person stumbled, and before he could regain his footing, she threw a punch at him, hitting his jaw squarely. Her form was pretty impressive. She then snatched her purse back and after looking at its contents, breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, the classes paid off," she said, clearly pleased with herself. While she sighed with that casual aura as if nothing had really happened, the purse-snatcher looked angry. I made my way towards her to check if she was alright. She was a kind person with a good sense of humour and an amazing person to partner with when we practised boxing in class.

That is when I noticed something glinting in the purse-snatcher’s hand. Realization dawned on me and I shoved her aside. The purse-snatcher looking cross as he realized it had now become two versus one. I noticed my right forearm feeling as if thousands of hot needles stabbed it. I looked down and saw a gash. "Oh my god, that looks bad, I might puke," she said, and I grunted in response.

We somehow made our way back to my house. My mum bandaged the wound as the girl thanked me repeatedly. I had managed to shove her aside, saving her from the agonizing pain, but not myself. From that day on, we became friends. After all, I had helped her.

Now, only a long scar stretches from my wrist to my elbow. It is almost unnoticeable now, but the memory of how I had gained it will always cling to it, the unlikely memory of my best friend and me.

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