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  • Anika Punjabi

A Special Day

I stared at the girl in front of me. A light smile played on her lips. Her dark eyes gleamed with a certain power. The slight blush in her cheeks made her look like an immortal goddess. The girl’s dress made all in its path stop to stare. It was a burnt peach colour. Stories of many before her were embedded within. Her loose black hair cascaded down her shoulders. It was uncharacteristic for her to have it down, but today was an exception. She wore no jewellery but a silver necklace, a gift from somebody she once loved.

Today was a special day, a day much awaited by everyone. The sound of hustling rose high to her room. Everything from the food to the colour of the tissues had been carefully picked out for this day. Every single detail was absolutely perfect, it had to be. I slowly looked away from the mirror and made my way downstairs. It was finally time. Graciously, I made my way down the stairs.

Suddenly a servant scuttled towards me, her face twisted in fear. ‘The veil my lady, it is not to be found!’ she said in agony. What? How could this happen, we had planned for this day for ages. I hurriedly raced back to my room, remembering that I had left it there two days ago. I rummaged through the closets, under the tables and inside the cabinets. It was nowhere to be found! I anxiously kept searching, hoping to find it in time for the event. Abruptly, I heard the slight tinkling of a bell. At my door was my small dog Marble. In his mouth was the one piece of cloth I had spent twenty minutes looking for - the veil! I let out a deep breath, headed down and quickly gave it to the servant.

I leisurely stepped into the lawn, giggling as I looked like a complete mess! Taking my place next to the other bridesmaids, I turned to see the bride, a slightly wrinkled veil on her head. My sister walking down the aisle was the sun in all its glory. Her smile was all that made today worth it.

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