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  • Mannat Karnani and Shreyasi Buch

A Success Story

What is the secret to living a successful life and having a stable career? This is a frequently asked question. The better part of our population would like to know the answer to this question. But is there a right answer? There are quite a few reasons for this including sacrifice, discipline, and regulations. However, the biggest reason is confidence accompanied by hard work and dedication.

The Story Begins: Enid’s First Love

Here’s a glimpse into the life of an aspiring dancer. Enid Blake, a dedicated, young sixteen year old girl who lived, breathed and loved her art: dance. She knew from the day that she set her foot in the studio, an inexperienced and untrained one too, that this was it for her. Now that foot remains arched with the grace of a ballerina who has trained for the greater part of her life. The discipline ingrained in her very tendons, literally! School was not the simplest with all the high school classes demanding loads of her focus which was unsurprisingly occupied by her intricate routines of ballet. Miniature versions of rehearsals visualised in her head to the tiniest of details when those rehearsals should have been of her psychology textbook. Nonetheless, she persevered because she knew that if she wanted to pursue dance as her career, completing high school would be a priority. Finally, she did it! This one hurdle had been crossed over.

Oftentimes, we second guess ourselves. Our ideas, prospects, abilities and opinions. Feeling anxious and insecure is very common amongst many humans. The feeling of underestimating yourself and constantly second-guessing yourself can be a huge factor that leads to insecurities. No matter how hard we try to ignore and block out negative thoughts, it still manages to catch our attention and hence leads to self doubt and underconfidence. Although easier said than done, we should never allow the negative side of things to get the better of us. Because the majority of life is confidence and the thing about confidence is no one knows if it’s real or not. To reach somewhere, we have to be sure of our ideas and prospects. Having faith in us and being confident is the only thing that’s going to get us where we want. On the days we don’t feel as confident and assured, we have to fake it till we make it.

The Plot Thickens: Self Doubts and Recovering from Them

Now came the impending questions of “What will Enid do?”, “Surely not just dance. That is not a career choice one can live on.”, “We understand that you enjoy dance but you must continue higher studies to have a career to fall back on.”, “Dance cannot be it!... It is not enough!... What will the world think?!” Enid’s parents could not accept that she conclusively knew what she wanted to do in life. All these questions would be said to her in an angered flurry of sentences every time she would reach home after a tiring day of eight hours of dance. The pressure pushed Enid so far to think that “My parents think I will not last in this industry. They think I cannot sustain because I am not good enough. I will probably land myself on the streets if I continue thinking dance is for me. Maybe I should stop dancing and get to college.” She was undoubtedly dextrous in her craft and anyone with working eyes could see that. Although it took her a week away from dance practice and some time for self reflection to realise that, she stood her ground before her parents and continued to push herself in the way that made her joyous.

Hard work along with self assurance will lead us to be successful. Believing in us and having a positive mindset will only bring us success and accomplishment. If we keep a growth mindset and surround ourselves with positive energy, success is bound to come our way. Hard work and dedication are significant in boosting our confidence. If we are sure of our success and abilities, then we’ll be unstoppable! Confidence and self esteem are major factors in living a stable life. Happiness and contentment with one’s self can boost self esteem to great levels.

The End, Well Almost: Success at Last

A few years into the future. Seconds, minutes, hours of rigorous practise and self belief moulded the youngest director of a world renowned ballet company. Enid had reached a point in her life where she was content and satisfied with all that she did before slipping into slumber each day. All the struggles she emerged from certainly made her the person she was but they did not matter when she was immersed in the music of a piece. Choreographed by her, each step deliberate and oozing with emotions. She transformed into a completely different being when she was poised turning on her pointe with music coursing through her entire lithe body. All these feelings and little stories were felt by the spectators who saw her, who were unknowing of all that they meant to her.

When we aren’t afraid to try new things and step out of our comfort zone, we experience a different kind of notion which boosts our confidence and eventually leads us to success. Self belief and hard work will always earn you success! Hard work is another important factor in acquiring success.

The Legacy: Making a Path for the Others

Every day she tested the boundaries of her dancers and with them herself, slowly but surely increasing them daily even if it may have been by the breadth of a hair. Enid was a beloved and cherished member of her company. Her students were forever grateful for her presence, knowledge of ballet and life altering advice about life. She had created a path for dancers to tread, to reach ultimately the success they desire, All the arduous troubles she suffered had proven fruitful and Enid Blake was finally able to believe herself to be successful in her career of choice.

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