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Aboh nyiji - Arunachal pradesh

Aboh nyiji means old father for all.

This name was given to a prominent freedom fighter of Arunachal Pradesh who was Moje Riba . Moje Riba is this man who is not so popular like the other freedom fighters we recall but he has a significant role to play when it comes to Indian independence. He was the first one to hoist the national flag in Arunachal Pradesh on August 15th 1947 at Dipa village.

Moje riba was born in the year 1911 in the district of Siang then known as Abor hills. From 1923 – 1927 he studied at the L P school at Sadiya run by the American Baptist missionaries. In 1927 he took admission to the Mission High school at Jorhat where he learnt about Maniram Dewan and Piyali Phukan of Assam who fought for Indian independence.

Motivated by this he joined the freedom movement against the Britishers. Moje riba was advised to join the Indian National Congress to work more and gather support for the party. Hence he joined the INC and became the first INC president from Arunachal Pradesh. For his sacrifices and contributions Moje Riba was conferred the Tamra patra by the then Indian Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of India’s independence in 1972.

This noble soul of our country passed away on the 11th of October 1973 at his residence in Daring. This man will always be remembered for his patriotism.

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