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  • Pahel Gholani


“Compassion for animals is directly connected with the goodness of character and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals, cannot be a good human.”

Imagine yourself as someone who can speak but no one can comprehend you. You are kept in custody throughout your life and not even given proper nourishment. You are kept caged and when you are finally selected and taken out of that place, it is a happy moment for you. You can finally have your freedom but sadly instead of being free, you are killed, tortured, used for recreational purposes or prodded with toxic substances to test different drugs. This is the plight of many animals on a daily basis. They are deprived of their right to live freely with their families .They are separated from their friends and taken somewhere far away, then used for some or the other purpose. The saddest part is that we humans are responsible for the condition of these innocent creatures. We have forgotten that they are also living beings and they deserve their freedom


Animals like elephants, tigers, etc are tortured and even killed just so that we can use their tusks and skins and to make designer clothing.Animals are beaten and forced to perform in circuses.Many endangered animals are held captive in zoos for entertainment purposes. Some animals are also used for testing various cosmetics and medicines against their wills. All they can do is scream, but their voices are drowned and not heard on purpose. They are not fed properly nor are they attended to. They are not given the compassion and care they deserve. Humans have become so selfish that they do not realize the worth and value of these animals. An animal can be someone's family and their only source of comfort during trying times. Thus, I request all of you to stop mistreating animals and if you see anyone doing this please inform the authorities immediately.

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