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Adios, Leo.

Leo, la pulga, G.O.A.T., Messi, we know the legend by many names. On the 5th of August, 2021 I was scrolling through my socials before going to bed and I came across a post by Football Club Barcelona which shattered me. It said, “Leo will not continue with FC Barcelona”. I sat up. Lionel Messi was not affordable by the club anymore so he had to go? I couldn’t believe it. Lionel had played a total of 778 matches for the club and scored 672 goals creating an astounding world record. The memories flashed before my eyes. Remembered how I used to celebrate his goals wearing the club scarf around my neck. I had a sleepless night rewatching videos being made for him. The following days obviously were hard for the fans.

Messi didn’t want to leave the club. He agreed for half salary annually too but FC Barcelona still couldn’t afford it. Then came the day of the press conference. Seeing Messi breakdown on national television, I couldn’t take it. No FC Barcelona fan could. Barcelona was nothing but a home for Messi. When Messi was suffering from Growth Hormone Deficiency which stunned him at 4’2, he shifted continents because FCBarcelona was the only one that offered to pay for his treatment. Leaving his home after dedicating 21 fruitful years to it was heartbreaking.

Lionel Messi now joined Paris Saint Germain Football Club(PSG) as a free agent. But why choose the Paris Saint Germain team who play in Ligue1? Having conversations over this with Lionel Messi he has said that he was convinced with the vision as such of Paris Saint Germain FC. Paris Saint Germain has players who were former teammates of Lionel in his past and also were his International colleagues. Such as Neymar, a former colleague at FC Barcelona and Di Maria who represents Argentina with him for international leagues. Messi believed that he had familiarity with the squad and would make his game and ambition to play better. Messi has been signed a contract to play for Paris Saint Germain FC for two years with an option for a third year and is locked at 7.1 crores EUR annually.

Lionel Messi seems to be happy at the club looking at his enthusiasm being there but again PSG plays in Ligue1 which is supposedly considered as a farmer’s league and not many players there can play up to Messi’s calibre or give him enough competition

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