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  • Shayon Roy


Many have believed that we are the only living beings in the galaxy. Well, allow me to counter that strong belief with a distant planet —the first extrasolar planet to be confirmed by the world-renowned James Webb Telescope, the planet LHS 475 b.

LHS 475 b is a terrestrial planet in the constellation of Octans that lies in the ‘goldilocks zone’ of habitability of the red dwarf LHS 475, despite being closer than Mercury is to the sun. It is roughly the size of the earth—99% of the earth’s diameter, to be precise. It is 40.7 light years away (oof, that is far; our next destination might as well be Mars). It is faster than any other planet in the solar system, as it zips around its star in just 2 earth days.

It has no atmosphere, and yet for it to be in the Goldilocks zone makes it susceptible to life. This means there is a possibility of water and an optimum temperature. Maybe there are homo sapiens who don't breathe oxygen and have adapted to living in a vacuum. We have been built differently due to the presence of oxygen; likewise, their bodies may have been constructed to not breathe at all and instead live off their beloved planet. Ironic huh, killinIronic, v? rKillingreator. Seems like I have It seems like this somewhere (for those whose train of thought is still miles away from its destination, I am referring to Frankenstein).

While no clear signs of life have ever been detected, the possibility of extraterrestrial biology has grown increasingly plausible. Our technology is developing at a rapid rate, and I dream that one day we might just be able to travel to this planet and find out, firsthand, whether extraterrestrial life is a myth. Till then, humanity shall not lose faith in our innate belief in life in space. We will see that one day this dream will eventually become a reality!

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