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  • Rishabh Asudani

Almost Adults! But Not Quite……

Evolution has taken place over millions of decades, from homosapiens to cavemen, and finally to human beings. However, this is not the only form of evolution observed. An individual develops right from an infant sitting on the shoulders of his father, to a teenager and further becoming an adult. One who can take the responsibility of their family upon themselves and finally awaits what their destiny has in store for them.

The most critical and challenging phase of this cycle of growth, is the transition from a child to a young adult. Wherein, not only physical but also mental development makes its way. These years are scientifically defined as the ‘teenage years’. When an individual enters his adolescent years, there is a lot of growth taking place in the body as well as the mind. It is during this time when young teenagers are trained to be independent and learn to overcome challenges on their own, without anyone having their back like before. This is also a period where their personality changes and develops, making them ready for adulthood. It is believed that the habits one develops during adolescence are the habits that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

This is also the period when pressure starts building up on them. Not just the pressure of school and academics, but also of being a part of and dealing with the world outside, adapting to the changes adulthood brings, of knowing what’s right and what’s wrong, the gradual burden of living life independently and making their own living. Such change and adaptation to new environments don’t take place overnight, and a calm mind and patience are necessary. As mentioned earlier, the physical and mental growth a teenager goes through can cause their emotions to be out of their control too. Here, adult help, support and guidance is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to staying calm and composed.

Teenage is a phase of our lives which makes us see the true rollercoaster life can be, but despite the various difficulties, the ups and downs, this is the most beautiful and fun chapter of our life-book. One which, although may be despised when being experienced, is terribly missed by grown-ups. It may be difficult at times, but one must try to enjoy and live this phase to its fullest.

The stages of ‘growth’

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