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  • Bhairavi Deshpande


It was almost midnight and Eileen was still working in her office. Her boss had given her a huge pile of files to proofread, again. That imbecile didn't know that humans couldn't stay up until 4 a.m. three nights in a row and still manage to keep their sanity intact. She decided to take a break. She could continue after feeding herself a big bowl of ramen from the convenience store across the street

She heard the telephone ring. Because everyone had the guts to stand up against the pile of work the boss gave them she correctly worked out that she was the only one in the office. She went to get the phone. A robotic voice spoke to her. She was too tired to take the non-living being's words seriously. She muttered "wrong number" and kept the phone down.

As she came out of the convenience store, she decided to take a walk to freshen her mind. As she walked towards the nearest garden, every payphone started ringing as she got closer to it. She didn't realize this until she had reached the fifth phone. The unusual thing was, no one else seemed to care about the phone. Feeling very creeped out, she picked up the receiver. The same robotic voice spoke to her this time in a very urgent tone.

As she listened, she heard the robot ask her if she would be willing to speak to a woman called Sachaverell . She was skeptical at first but then agreed as she remembered the specific time of the rings that the woman had controlled.

As the woman came on the phone, the only question she asked was "Would you be willing to kill your boss for a million dollars?". Eileen heard herself stutter. The woman asked her again. Eileen was confused. Why would this woman, who was someone important, want to kill her boss? The woman explained that he had killed many people. It was something Eileen couldn't cognize

The word “yes” came out of her mouth before she could stop it. Now that she had already agreed, there was no going back. The woman was delighted and told her that another agent would meet her and give her the location of her boss and also give a weapon that would be used for the murder. Eileen's body tensed, should she follow the instructions of some lady who sounded like she went around killing people, like some kind of mafia boss? Her instincts contrarily said yes. 

After a minute, she was in a taxi, cutting through the darkness of the night. As she sat contemplating in the car, she decided that this was the last time she would be listening to some shady lunatic over the phone.

She rang the doorbell and her boss opened the door. She immediately pulled out the gun and pointed it at his chest. Something screamed inside her and told her to pull the trigger, but she couldn't do it. She just couldn't. Even after all the hate she had for him, She couldn't. Something spun in her stomach and her head kept spinning and spinning.

Eileen was back in her office. It was midnight and the pile of work was in front of her. It had been a dream. Not a good one. She stretched her back got up and walked over to the coffee machine.

The familiar ringing of the phone reached her ears. She went to get it. The same robotic voice asked her. "Would you like to talk to Miss Sachaverell about a deal?"

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