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  • Vidisha Rao

Are Advertisements Forcing Us to Buy Things?

Advertising forces us to buy things we do not need? Advertising is a marketing strategy to boost sales of a certain product. It helps us engage in a chain of thoughts related to the product displayed. It makes us aware of the product at hand but simultaneously takes over our minds with the desire or want of things we don’t require . To some, advertising is a simple measure of promoting a product to the people, but to some, it is an aggressive form of marketing. It can be in a visual form, an audio form and many more types. I am for the above statement as many times, the desire for unwanted goods and services influences our minds to purchase things we might not need and use. The producers of the product think of various ways to promote the product and persuade the common man to buy the product through common pamphlets, social media, ads, word of mouth, newspapers and many more types of advertisements, with the use of bright colours, shiny and decorative attractions, the area used for product photography and lighting, the consumers are enchanted by the vibrant representation and are immediately converted from a common man to a consumer of that particular product. The common man’s mind gets influenced very fast by the various plays of the producer due to the lack of knowledge and learning and they feel like they require things which they might not require. The producers prey on consumer psychology and use that as a method to get sale after sale. Once the product is on the market, lucrative offers and pricing benefits arise making the product inexpensive and affordable to the common man.

These offers help the consumer's decision to purchase the goods or items which often results in the person buying one more thing they do not require. The producer also uses celebrity endorsements as another way to persuade people to buy their product. Celebrities advertise a particular product on social media, etc, making people believe that it is of good quality. Aggressive marketing also makes the people buy their product to get the advertiser to stop harassing them or leave them alone. Sometimes the producers advertise false information about the product or create emotional advertisements to persuade the people to buy the product Advertising thus changes the mindsets of the people through sometimes merely a glance of an ad or a poster of a product. It keeps people thinking about the product until the desire to purchase it gets the better of them.

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