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  • Ekansh Agarwal

Are Celebrities Misleading Us?

Don’t we all enjoy watching television? Yes, we do and being different, we like watching different genres of television too! However, one common thing that we all see on television is advertisements. These advertisements generally feature famous personalities like sportspeople and actors. It has become our stereotypical nature to feel that a particular product is useful and of high quality, if we notice our favourite celebrity using it in an advertisement. A belief has been imbibed by the public that only brands with endorsements from famous personalities are effective and useful. Companies are harnessing the reigns of this nature of ours and have started controlling us with it. As a matter of fact, even children are becoming the victims of these advertisements. The actions of celebrities have a powerful impact on the public. An excellent example of this was when Coca-Cola shares dropped by 5 billion dollars due to a simple gesture of the famous football star Cristiano Ronaldo advising fans to drink water by keeping two Coca-Cola bottles aside.

A great many companies are now imbibing “Celebrity advertising". Since then, sales of these companies have been skyrocketing. Celebrity advertising is not wrong. However, celebrities endorsing products such as alcohol, gambling applications, tobacco etc. can be held responsible and face action for appearing in such misleading promotions. New guidelines came into effect on 11th June 2022 under the Consumer Protection Act. These guidelines have been imposed due to the fact that the public is being misled by viewing these advertisements. Products endorsed by celebrities have not necessarily been consumed by them, and certain commodities may be harmful and dangerous to use. The new guidelines on "Prevention of Misleading Advertisements and Endorsements for Misleading Advertisements, 2022" also seek to regulate advertisements targeting children. Celebrities and sportspersons endorsing misleading advertisements can be fined up to Rs. 10 lakhs by the consumer protection authority. For repeat offenses, the authorities can impose a fine of up to Rs.50 lakh and a jail term of up to five years. Celebrities will have to disclose even small stakes in brands they are endorsing, failing which the advertisement will be considered misleading.

We should keep in mind that these new guidelines have come into effect only because of the power the public has given celebrities. Admiring or respecting celebrities is not wrong. However, is it correct to put such faith in them so that their actions may result in the indoctrination of the masses?

Common celebrity endorsements we all have seen

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