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Are Criminals Born or Made?

Some might say that criminals are born and not made but some might contradict that statement. The answer to this cutting edge question as per me is both! Criminals are born with it as well as made into it. Here is why I feel that. The behaviour of most criminals is traced back to their childhood as well as genetics and circumstances or occasions that change their lives for the worse. Both biological and sociological factors play a role in this controversial idea.

A genetic origin towards criminal activity makes it harder for the child and the family members to deny the feeling and turns them into criminals. Most of the time, it influences thoughts and plays a role in predisposing certain individuals to criminal behaviour. Contradicting that point, it is also learned that many times, people become criminals for small and insignificant reasons and then cannot stop or halt the criminal behaviour. Generally, a first crime is small and unplanned and done in the spur of the moment. Reasons like greed, power, poverty, etc are the causes of biological crimes.

Criminality is the result of the combination or interaction of nature and nurture. In both cases, certain events trigger the criminal instinct in people and that's what increases most of the criminal population. To stop this, the trigger needs to be stopped. In conclusion, criminality is a result of genetics as well as disorders or for their purposes or gains.

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