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  • Srimoyee Mukherjee

Behind Bananas

Have you ever tried to or thought about eating 1,00,00,000 bananas at once? STOP! DO NOT!

Whenever asked which nutrient bananas are rich in, we say potassium. Potassium is a mineral, or macronutrient, which helps in heart and muscular functioning. Lack of potassium can cause muscle weakness and cramps or even heart failure. A single banana has about 9% potassium. That in itself is a pretty high level. Adding that to the fact that even a small fragment of potassium is radioactive, bananas in itself have been proven radioactive.

This does not mean we stop eating bananas, it just means if you were to eat 274 bananas a day for 7 years, you’re likely going to have radiation poisoning. Potassium-40, an isotope of potassium, is naturally radioactive. A crate of bananas would probably trigger a false alert of nuclear weapons (smuggling warning!). However, eating bananas cannot/would not make you radioactive since you already are. According to, “A typical adult contains around 140g of potassium, of which about 16mg is potassium 40 – making you 280 times more radioactive than a banana. Eating 1 increases your total amount of potassium 40 by 0.4%, which is detectable with a sensitive Geiger counter (device used to detect ionized radiation), but the effect is temporary since your metabolism closely regulates the amount of potassium in your body, and you will excrete the excess within a few hours.”

Myths about eating a few too many bananas causing cancer are absolutely untrue. The thing which intrigues me though, is that monkeys are known to eat tons and tons of bananas; what is the effect of consuming so many bananas on their health and well-being? Guaranteed they are also radioactive, we may have to probe more into the fact.



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