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  • Annanya Verma

Behind the Scenes

We all love entertainment. It’s a way for many of us to freshen our minds and to take a break from every day’s work and schedule. We all have our own likes and preferences when it comes to entertainment. Some people like watching videos on their phone, some watch television, some watch web series and the like on the internet. One of the most common forms, which is loved by the masses, is movies. People love to go to a theatre or a cinema to catch the first screening of any movie and rewatch a movie multiple times if they like it.

An evening out with family, going to the theatre before dinner, outings with friends or even movie nights at home are extremely common. Nowadays we don’t even need to go to the theatre to watch a film, it’s all available on multiple platforms. One can simply stay home and watch it on their television or laptops.

While we all enjoy the movies, do we really appreciate all the people who put in enormous efforts to create these masterpieces for us? Sure, everyone praises the actors and actresses, the producers, directors, singers and scriptwriters, but there are many more people, who take care of the numerous small things but don’t receive the spotlight they deserve. These little things make a huge difference in the execution of the entire movie.

For any scene to be shot, there must be a proper setting, many of which are depicted using artificially made sets. All shots are performed multiple times, improvising something every time, but in a scene showing action, they can’t have any sort of actual damage taking place on the set every shot. Even many sound effects, especially the ones in the background without which all scenes in the movies would feel completely dry, are created by people. The characters all require appropriate clothing and make-up in accordance with the scene they’re shooting.

The set artists, costume and make-up artists, prop managers and sound producers all work extremely hard behind the scenes. Stunt doubles who do dangerous stunts are ensured to be taken care of as they too are an imperative part of the production. Such things are not something people notice or appreciate. These people have an equal contribution in adding the ‘magic’ in all the ‘movie magic’, and providing us with a masterpiece we all enjoy watching, while they themselves stay behind the scenes.

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