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  • Jui Inamdar

Believe in Yourself!

Self-confidence and positivity are two sides of the same coin. This coin is the most valuable currency one can have in this world, for one's mental, physical, financial and spiritual success and wellbeing.

Confidence comes from the Latin word 'fidere' which means "to trust", therefore having trust in oneself is the meaning implied. Self-confidence and positivity forever complement each other. Nothing worthwhile was ever achieved anywhere in the world without a positive frame of mind and self-confidence. The prime requirement is a rock-solid belief in yourself. A person who does not believe in himself can never succeed. So, to start, believing in yourself is the key to success. Self-confidence is a quality that comes from within, it's your inner voice and reflection of what you think of yourself. This is why having a positive frame of mind about one’s self, one's abilities and having a positive outlook of the world around us is very important.

The fundamental basis of positivity and self-confidence is self-belief. Belief in oneself in a healthy manner helps in getting rid of self-doubt, and opens the gates to unlimited frontiers along with giving one the wings to fly. The best tool available to fight failure and criticism is one's self-confidence. No amount of failure and negativity can touch a heart filled with supreme confidence. Each failure is then treated as a stepping stone to success with a positive mind.

The need to have a positive state of mind in these challenging and negative times can never be overstated. A self-confident person is ever optimistic, independent, assertive, self-respecting and has realistic ideas about his abilities. Such a person is usually a trend-setter and a natural leader. It would be well worth remembering the beautiful quote by Swami Vivekananda which sums up all that has been said above:

"Conquer yourself and the whole universe is yours!”

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