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  • Aaliya Ganguly

Bharat: A Nation Rising

Let me tell you a tale, That began One hundred and sixty-five years ago, Of an an ancient land, Faced by an undefeatable foe.

An empire brought down to its knees, Its heirs dethroned, An adopted son, Exiled far from his home.

A mighty queen, a mother first, Holding with her Jhansi’s pride, A kingdom annexed on wrongful pretexts, All arose, ready to fight!

A cry, a plea, A long for freedom! Crushed by the British, Termed a ‘tiny rebellion’

But the damage was done,

The foundations of evil shaken. The shackles of our country, Waiting.. To be broken!

Soon came the tide of education,

And moral men of sacred thought! Who believed in requests and petitions, Who peacefully, for our freedom fought.

A national society was established, A home to leaders far and wide. Of different methods but in goals united, To display an ancient land’s full might!

Together they fought, side by side, With Passive Resistance making powerful strides, Our invaders pushed out, bitterly defeated, Our people embodying our Country’s pride!

This was the tale, That began One hundred and sixty-five years ago, When a nation enslaved, Together Arose!

- - -

Today marks a historic day in Indian History. It is a day of gratitude, pride, and joy, but above all, it is a day of Freedom. Today, we thank every leader, every soldier, every person who shed their blood for our Bharat.

To them, we say, Jai Hind!

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