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  • Keean Gorakshakar


There is a phenomenon in the vastness of the cosmos that is so perplexing and fascinating that it contradicts our knowledge of basic physics. Scientists are fascinated by this mystery known as a black hole because it transports them to a place where the laws of space, time, and gravity are stretched to their extremes.

It is essentially a region of spacetime so immensely dense that its gravity is so strong that nothing, including light, has enough energy to escape it.

You might be wondering how can something that is so strong that even light cannot escape be formed, well they are formed when massive stars exhaust their nuclear fuel and can no longer withstand the pull of their own gravity. As the star's core collapses, it creates an intense gravitational field that sucks in surrounding matter, forming a ‘black hole’.

A Black Hole

A blackhole has two parts to it the event horizon, which you can think of as the surface, though it's simply the point where the gravity gets too strong for anything to escape and then at the centre, is the singularity; a point that is infinitely small and infinitely dense.

Is there a chance a blackhole might come near our beloved planet?

Given how many black holes we expect are out there and how long our Solar System has been around, that's only about 1-in-100 billion probability of something along those lines occurring.

Black holes continue to captivate our imagination and push the boundaries of human understanding. As researchers delve deeper into their mysteries, they uncover new insights into the nature of space, time, and the fundamental forces that govern the universe. I feel that we should maybe be a bit more concerned about the fate of our own planet than be concerned about what might or might not be there in the universe as we have been taking our planet for granted and been humiliating and dumping it with garbage.

I would like to end with a quote from one of my favourite movies Interstellar 'Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.'

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