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  • Kabir Parmani

Brain Drain, A shame

Have any of you ever thought of being an engineer, a doctor, a psychologist, a musician? I’m sure many of you have. However, how many of you have thought of pursuing such professions in India? Not many, I guess. Each one of us who dreams to be a supposedly successful person in life aspires to be employed in most of the developed countries. Most of us never give a second thought to studying and working in our homeland itself because we are yet a “developing country”, do not have enough resources and employment opportunities. This mentality is nothing but “brain drain”. Highly educated and intellectual individuals migrate from developing/underdeveloped countries to ones with a bigger economy and higher availability of resources.

This huge outflow of our scientific, technical and managerial manpower is increasing day-by-day. In 2019-20, India allocated Rs 6.43 lakh crore ($88 billion) of public funds for education, per the Economic Survey. Of this, the central government allocated $7.74 billion to school education and $5.25 billion to higher education. Thus, a significant sum of our national income has been invested in these young men and women. However, when they have the chance to uphold their responsibilities for their country, they migrate to foreign lands which results in a great national waste in terms of money as well as manpower. This attitude and mentality of our youth is highly disgraceful, however, we must ensure to provide them with fresh opportunities to showcase their talents, skills and intellectual power, so as to prevent this phenomenon. A few measures can include- providing incentives in internship programs, high-income job opportunities on graduation, loans for entrepreneurship/early start-ups and most importantly, making our youth aware of their need in their homeland.

We, as the future of this country, must understand our responsibility towards our nation and society, give back to them when the time comes and flourish as successful, happy individuals, grounded in human values!

Global brain drain statistics- India has the highest brain drain figures.

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