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  • Jyothi Bhat

Brain Drain in India

Brain Drain is also known as Human Capital Flight. It is the migration of highly trained and qualified individuals from one country to another for a better standard of living and job opportunities. It usually occurs in developing countries. India is one such country which faces a ‘brain drain’ at a very fast rate.

According to the latest survey in India, in 2021, till September 30 around 1,11,287 Indians have given up their citizenship. India is seeing a significant outflow of healthcare workers to Europe, Australia and the Gulf countries. Around 69000 Indian trained doctors worked in the UK, USA and Canada and around 56000 Indian trained nurses worked abroad in developed countries. The reasons for the drastic brain drain are:

1. The higher education opportunities in India are very bleak.

2. India is a developing country hence the income provided is less compared to the developed countries

3. Developed countries abroad offer better job opportunities.

These are the major reasons for India facing the problem of Brain Drain. India produces some exceptional minds in the field of medicine, technology, engineering and more. According to a study, India ranks 4th as the best place to practice medicine as it is cheaper and India is also known for its space launching satellites and missiles.

Brain Drain is a major obstacle in India’s path to becoming a developed country. Hence we bring the future generation should promote reverse brain drain and try to reduce brain drain. Our country is also trying to take conscious steps to reduce brain drain by offering privileges to working professionals and well as creating new sources of employment through government schemes. The aim should be that non - Indians should be clamoring to get jobs in India, with Mumbai being the emerging robotics capital of the world and the country having premiere institutes like AIIMS and JIPMER for medical sciences. Indians, owing to their dramatic nature - will have the most challenging and intense courtrooms along with lecture halls and debate sessions. India produces such fabulous minds then they should be utilized for the growth and development of the country. I look forward to the day people say, “You work in INDIA! That is so AMAZING!”

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