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  • Aaliyah Tambawala

Breaking the Chains of Belief

'Beliefs' is a very sensitive topic since everyone has varying opinions on its fundamentals and effects. Beliefs, by nature, are feelings affirming something's truth, morality, or existence. They shape human lives but can be limiting. Personally, I find that our convictions can sometimes shackle us more than they empower.

With the changing times, it is important to realize that being uncertain about things can be our only savior before choosing the wrong path. These beliefs or superstitions can lead us in the wrong direction and tamper with our mindsets and goals. It creates rifts between loved ones, society and even personal mind blocks. While evolution encourages adaptability, ancient beliefs can act as chains, hindering us. Every choice we make is, directly or indirectly, influenced by our beliefs. However , shouldn't we, sometimes, defy these conventions?

We cannot remain tied in our own ropes of ancient beliefs and methods. Living in India, a country with a rich and varied history and culture, each household has their own set of beliefs passed down from generation to generation. How many times do you find yourself hesitating to hand a sharp object to another person without keeping it down, afraid to cause a fight? How many times do we hear our grandparents or parents telling us that if a black cat crosses our path, it is bad luck? Such beliefs, anchored in our rich history, now face scrutiny from a questioning youth. We are in the 21st century, after all, and many of us now demand rational explanations for everything. Having faith in something and believing in something are two very contrasting things. Faith is the strongest medium of trust and confidence in something but a belief is the way we perceive situations. Beliefs are not created, they are passed from one person to another, causing a chain reaction. Doubt comes from belief, often leading to denial, failure or regret.

Though this may be a topic of rivalry, I stand with the fact that we cannot be forced to believe certain things, but there is one particular criteria of 'beliefs' that every creature walking this planet should possess. It is the lack of this belief that causes us to question our own power and capability. It is this belief that motivates us but also demotivates us, causes us to succeed but may also cause us to fail. It has the power to control everything true, which actually comes from our subconscious mind that we tend to suppress. Our hearts are delicate and our brains are often confused, but do not let that stop you from paving your own path in your own way without others' influence. This is the only belief we need. This is self belief.

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