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  • Pahel Gholani

BRIBERY - a Curse Made by Humankind

“Corruption is a cancer that eats away a citizen’s faith in democracy, diminishes the instinct for innovation and creativity.” - Joe Biden

Bribery is a disease that is contagious and is gradually spreading in all sectors of the government. Not only is money a form of bribe but property, cars, expensive accessories and much more have also

become kinds of bribery. People think that money can buy anything- even justice, education and the rights of citizens. As you already know, one hand cannot clap - therefore, it is not entirely the bribe giver's fault- it is also the acceptor’s fault. Even in these days when India has become so advanced, the bribing system constitutes one such factor that discredits our country.

Bribery has spread extensively. Donations are given in the education sector in exchange for limited seats. Cases of bribery have also affected sports and sportsmanship. The international soccer referee most famously implicated in fixing matches, Ibrahim Chaibou has been banned for life for taking bribes. Connections and expensive presents are often given to judges of the high court to free a guilty person of charges and to frame an innocent person.

The innocent people who are getting victimized as the result of corruption pay the maximum damage and face the severest repercussions. Bribery has caused India’s judiciary to be tarnished. After an amendment to the PCA(Prompt Corrective Action)in 2018, both acceptance and giving of bribes are distinct offences, punishable with imprisonment of a term of three to seven years or a fine or both. If bribery does not come to an end, it can destroy the whole country’s present and future. The truth of today’s world is that people have started loving money more than people. The world must have people who support the truth and can fight against such corruption. Your integrity matters, hold on to that.

Bribery, if not stopped soon, will corrupt the entire world and people will lose faith in innocence.

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