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Bullying is an unwelcome and offensive practice that occurs often in the younger generation and includes a clear power imbalance. This form of practice has been normalised by our culture, and it has turned into a public mental health crisis. Bullying has a slew of negative implications, all of which have social repercussions. Bullying impacts both victims and bullies in several ways, including social growth, schooling, and health, both of which have long-term side-effects lasting into adulthood. Bullying is a major problem that goes unnoticed too often but causes real suffering. Children believe that a school is a safe place, but when they are bullied, they feel powerless and unsure of whom to trust.

Bullies have the potential to affect others' perceptions of them, according to students aged 10 to 18. Bullying is a way for them to assert dominance and appear powerful and strong.

A recent form of bullying which has emerged with the rise of the internet is cyberbullying. Approximately 15% of high school students are cyber-bullied. It is terrifying to look at your phone and come across the fact that most of the messages you receive are filled with anger, hate, and even death threats. Plenty of these are by strangers and anonymous trolls on the internet who gain “power” by making others feel scared and helpless.

A recent study shows that constant bullying can worsen feelings of rejection, isolation, despair as well as depression and anxiety which contributes to suicidal behaviour.

Since bullying is such a sensitive and complicated topic, there is no simple way to avoid or prevent it. To formulate a solution, it is necessary to consider the issues that are unique to a person as well as the context. It's crucial to talk to both the victim and the bully about the situation.

“Strong people stand up for themselves. Stronger people stand up for others”. Bullying is a virus that condemns the growth of the coming generations and it needs to be destroyed in order to have a bright future.

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