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  • Pranjal Mishra

Challenger Deep

Challenger Deep is the lowest point inside the Mariana Trench (The deepest trench in the world). It is found in the Pacific Ocean. It is very deep and reaches a depth of about 36070 feet below sea level. It has a pressure level of about 15000 pounds per square inch. It is equivalent to the largest and heaviest elephant standing on you! It is midnight everywhere and light also cannot lighten up the entire surroundings. No sea creature can survive in that much pressure and depth. Very advanced submarines have only reached here. The scientists used sonar techniques in which they sent a sound wave deep into the Mariana trench to figure out the exact depth of the challenger. Only after this, did they get to know about the new depth i.e 36070 ft.

Once the vessels went down, after seeing the beautiful and mysterious aquatic creatures, they found only trash cans and plastic bags. This was impossible, but yet it was in front of their eyes. It is our fault for disposing of plastic in the oceans and other water bodies. Our mistakes are affecting almost every part of the earth so we shall be cautious and not dispose of garbage in the water bodies as we continue to dump our waste into the oceans. If nature is, then we are. The second Mariana Trench mystery, made famous by old pirate myths in which a huge tentacle would swallow any vessel passing through its region, is now a possibility. When researchers went inside the trench, they discovered a really long tentacle showing evidence of the same. The next day, a massive squid was discovered on the shore.Therefore, from now on giant squids are a real possibility and many more mysteries lying beneath the ocean are waiting to be unraveled but till then, let’s enjoy the new findings and we shall try to nurture our planet for it is our only home.

Mariana Trench

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