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Mr. Watson was seventy-four years old. He lived in a pleasant, comfortable house in a small town on the outskirts of London.

Joshua, his helper, was the only other person who lived in his house. He helped Mr. Watson with the numerous health conditions that the man suffered from.

Mr. Watson did not have any valuable furniture in his house, and whatever money he had left was locked away in a bank. His wife had passed away a while back and he had no close family.

One day, Mr. Watson decided to buy some new furniture. He asked Joshua to take him to a furniture shop, but Joshua was unavailable that day. He referred Mr. Watson to a driver who would take him to the furniture shop.

The driver wore a clean, white shirt with black cargo pants. Mr. Watson got inside the car and the driver took him to the furniture shop. He was extremely excited to buy some new furniture as he had not done so in several years and his dining table was looking quite old and rusty.

On arriving at the furniture shop Mr. Watson was greeted and shown around by the owner, who had a memorable and charismatic face. He had thin eyebrows, large eyes and a prominent moustache.

Mr Watson felt that something was wrong. For starters, the shop was located in a very strange place, near a vast field, away from all the buzz in the town. Nobody else was inside the shop and the shop itself felt like a very unpolished, run-down shack. But Mr Watson didn't bother much. He looked at all the furniture and none of it was quite what he was looking for, so he left the shop.

The driver took him to another shop, which was more lively than the last. Two other customers were shopping there, and it felt more polished and legitimate. The owner greeted Mr Watson as he came in. Mr Watson looked at the owner's face and immediately felt something strange. He chuckled and said, "Your face reminds me of the owner of the last furniture shop I just visited! You two look similar."

Mr Watson did not find the furniture that he wanted in this shop. He left and sat back in the car. He said to the driver, "Take me back home. I cannot find any of the furniture I want. I will come back some other day." The driver turned, looked at him and said "Of course." But Mr Watson felt something strange again. The driver's face was like that of the two owners of the furniture shop. He was wearing the same clothes as he was wearing earlier. How could the driver's face change? Or perhaps it didn't change. Mr Watson did not pay too much attention to his face till then. He was extremely confused. He asked the driver "Are you the same person who drove me here?" The driver responded, "Yes, of course."

The next day, the milkman knocked at Mr Watson's door. Mr Watson opened and took the milk. He looked at his face, and it was the same face he had been seeing. "Are you the driver? Where's the milkman that gives me milk every day?" said Mr. Watson.

"What are you talking about? I'm Thomas, Mr Watson. I give you milk every day." I have to go now, Goodbye."

Had Mr Watson gone crazy? He had been seeing the same face over and over again. But they were different people wearing different clothes.

Joshua had left a note saying that he had returned to the house while Mr Watson was out and he was resting in his room. Mr Watson returned and was happy to see the note. He had to tell someone about the weird occurrences and get it off his chest. Joshua was always nice and understanding to Mr Watson.

On entering Joshua's room, Mr Watson saw that he was laying down on the bed with his back turned to the door. Joshua turned around and looked at Mr Watson.

It was the same face. There was no mistaking this time. Mr Watson knew Joshua's face very well. Mr Watson screamed in shock and said, "It's you again! The same face I've been seeing!"

Mr Watson ran into his room and locked the door. Joshua knocked at his door multiple times. But this time, he heard his voice. Sure enough, it was the same recognizable voice that Joshua had. Mr Watson hesitantly opened the door and found that this time it was Joshua's face. "What happened Mr Watson? Why did you run and scream?"

Mr Watson sat down and calmly explained the situation to Joshua. "I think I'm going crazy, Joshua. Something's wrong. Your face changed just now. I swear I just saw the same face when you were in the room."

To be continued..

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