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  • Aradhana Sampath

Children are NOT Machines

Several renowned brands that we shop from daily make use of child labour

to curate their products.

For example, in Bangladesh, poor children under the age of 14 work an average of 64

hours a week! The difficulties they face in their everyday lives at such an innocent age

must be unimaginable. At a time when these children should be going to school and

growing up making memories to cherish, they are forced to work in factories while

living in ridiculous conditions.

Many small factories employ numerous children in different hazardous roles, as they

can be employed for a much lower salary than adults. These children who work in

factories at such a young age, are forced to prepare for a hazardous future filled with

medical conditions affecting their physical health, let alone the mental trauma they

endure. For instance, children welding at heavy engineering workshops may suffer from

loss of vision and more. A child who washes cars, although may not be affected

physically, will suffer from the torture of earning a living at their mere age.

Worst of all, this is not even the child’s fault as they simply need to earn money to fill

their family’s empty stomachs. In other cases, unfortunately, these children have no

choice but to succumb to their fates, working far away from their families without any

experience of the real world.

Did you know that the crackers that you burst on Diwali are most probably made by

children who are younger than you? The gunpowder that they work with causes them to

suffer from several diseases, even fatal, like cancer. Step into their shoes for a moment,

and see for yourself whether or not you would want to do the same for the rest of your


Now, let's talk about the solutions that there are to this problem. The Indian government

has set up the National Child Labour Project which helps children who are working shift

to special training centers where they are given education and meals at flexible timings.

I am sure this has helped many children live their lives as they are supposed to because

in this scheme, they also state that it is prohibited to employ any child below the age of

14, even for domestic help, thus promoting a positive upbringing for the young minds of

our developing country.

Hence, let us work together towards stopping child labour permanently as children are

not machines but humans after all.

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