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Churches of India

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy Festivus to all! In 2022, there are 32 million Christians living in India and to celebrate their religion, there are numerous beautiful churches in our wonderfully diverse and cultured country. Did you know that there are 10,701 parishes in India - parishes are specific Christian districts with their own individual church. For this festive season, let us have a look at some of the many gorgeous Churches of India.

St. Cajetan’s Church

Located in North Goa, St. Cajetan’s Church is one of my personal favourites because of its wonderful architecture. The moment you step through the large gates and look at the beautiful ceiling above you, you are immediately awe-struck. The Church, though originally dedicated to Our Lady of Divine Providence, is dedicated to St. Cajetan, a contemporary of St. Francis Xavier. The architecture seen within the church is considered Corinthian with Baroque, Roman and Goan influences. Corinthian pillars are the most intricate and ornate of the three Green pillars: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. With detailed leaves and various carvings of the capital, it is a mesmerizing sight.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Located in Kolkata, St. Paul’s Cathedral is the first Episcopalian church in Asia. This church is famous for its decorations during Christmas and is a sight cherished by all. This Church was built in the 1830s to accommodate the growing European community in Kolkata. The present architecture of St. Paul’s Cathedral follows Indo-Gothic architecture and is considered to be one of the best examples of the colonial era. There are stained glass windows and a spectacular roof with Gothic Tracery. The nave of the cathedral has wooden pews along with 2 frescoes. Frescoes are extensive Florentine Renaissance watercolour paintings done on walls.

St. Paul's Church

Located in Diu, St. Paul's Church shows a classic Portuguese style of Architecture. It was built in the 1600s by Portuguese traders. It is a wonderful example of Baroque Architecture which is very theatrical and elaborate. Its shell-like volutes and motifs are one of the most impressive characteristics of this church. Extravagant carvings in white stucco and the peaceful surroundings make this church a very interesting example of Christian Church culture. St. Paul's Church is known to draw great inspiration from the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Goa.

As the aforementioned illustrates, India's rich culture not only consists of supremely spectacular sacred temples but also includes strikingly stunning churches. I strongly suggest exploring the wonderful churches of India. I can say from personal experience that the ones in Goa are especially amazing.


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