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  • Khushi Gala

Cold as Ice

“One stormy night and a chilly breeze passes by through a gang of friends, seven in number and not to mention that's bad luck. They are all by themselves, in a loony, deserted frozen lake,

The ‘Krin-Chin’ Lake,um and the exact reason as to why we are here, is cause we want to find the missing jewelry before anyone does…..” 

“Hey, cut it down, mate. We aren’t alone, we’re seven of us. Besides you know we’ve done cases before, we’re famous for this now. Plus this time the college has given us the chance themselves, we’ve got to prove ourselves.”, spoke Ned, the leader, in response to Jacob, who was filming earlier. Well, the seven friends had once unknowingly and subtly solved a school case of theft, ever since their band is called, The Spy Team. Ned was the oldest and the wisest, hence the leader.

“We’re seventeen now, old enough to take care of ourselves and I don't think there's any reason to be scared.”, said Peter.

“That's what you think Peter, only you.”, said Nancy, her hair flickering in the icy wind, “You’re not the leader.”

The others remained quiet as they saw a quarrel coming.

“After all, you are your mother’s ‘Ickle-Nancykins’, aren’t you? Afraid already.” Responded Peter with a grin. 

After their dispute was settled they soon started to boot up their skates. It wasn't that Nancy was scared, in fact, she wanted to track down the thief who stole the priceless jewelry from the campus museum of her college, Emerson College. It’s just that hers and Peter’s opinions somehow always clashed.

“So George, Bene go this way—”, said Ned pointing to his right, where there is a narrow passage, which leads to the hallway. With bushes on either side, indicating to search there.

“Bess and Jacob, you’ll go to that side, in the student foyer.”, instructed Ned. Bess was a very clever person, aspiring to become a detective. However after all, all of them here were just amateur kids, who were trying their luck at finding the piece of jewelry, no big detectives.         

Emerson College Building stood high against the gradient moonlight that shone, also on the college campus, which was covered with ice and snow. The night sky was amazing, so was ice. Out of all, not only was Nancy the best detective, but also the best when it came to action on ice.

“Peter, Nancy and I, shall stand where we are” 

At this Peter threw another shrewd look at Nancy as if she wasn’t meant for the team .         

“Everyone start looking for the jewelry, this is the chance we have, plus we can all enjoy some ice- skating too.” stated Ned in a ‘ Captain-ish’ way. He reassured Nancy, with a look in her direction. The others left their way, except Nancy, Ned and Peter, and although he felt an intense urge to join them, he couldn’t help it, he had to follow his brother’s orders. He zipped up his parka, it was quite cold. Just then Ned excused himself, he had to attend a phone call. Peter felt restless, thinking; why should he work; that too with Nancy, so he stood aside, doing nothing. 

Both Nancy and Peter hated each other's company, they were all time rivals. However unlike Peter, Nancy pushed off and started skating around. Skating on a lake was so different from a rink. She was an ace in skating and her skills showed. The ice was uneven, but the frozen expanse made her feel real freedom, and she glided with no effort, examining every inch. Behind her, she heard Ned call out something, but she couldn't make out the words. 

Actually Ned’s call had ended, and he had gone over to Bess, because she informed him that she had found out something. Indeed, she found it, the jewelry! From where Nancy was standing she could see the plastic bag fallen on the snow at Bess’s feet, through which red and white jewels glimmered. Nancy was elated, and wanted to join them there, but just as she moved a step further, a thin crack emerged on the lake, splinters outwards in delicate rivulets as it approached Nancy's feet.

Nancy turned her head, in a jerk, to see what caused it , “Stop! Don’t move, the layer of ice is weak, you can fall any moment.” said Peter, avoiding her eyes. 

“How do I get out?”, whispered Nancy, half panicking, her voice trembling, staring into the depths of the water through the translucent layer of ice protecting her. Such freezing, chilly water, one could die. She looked down at her skates as she stood there motionless. Ned and the others had noticed and were rushing towards her from the distance, too far to be of any help. Action had to be taken immediately; Peter had to help her; he didn't know why, but he was helping her. Finally, keeping aside the fact that Nancy was his rival, Peter stretched an arm out to her, not looking her in the eyes. 

Nancy was still incredibly stressed, but felt extremely grateful that he was there. Slowly she lifted her leg, held his cold hand, and took a step to find herself on some solid ice. Peter helped her way from the large crack that had now started giving way; and they both stood next to each other, calm and peaceful together for once, having finally learned to be friends.

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