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The word “Confidence” is thrown around everywhere, and is often synonymous with the trust one has in their own capabilities. In today’s time, presenting yourself in such a way shows your abilities and self-worth to their fullest values a lot. A modern phrase, coined not too long ago is, “Fake it until you make it”, which acts as a comfort to those who believe that they do not have the abilities they want to portray in their character. It means that in order to reach the success and ability you desire, you must portray yourself as though you already have them. This will build your confidence and allow you to remain motivated to finally achieve them.

There is a lot of emphasis on self confidence in a student’s life, such as jumping at good opportunities, taking up responsibility in school contests, competitions, participating in various activities to challenge yourself, and to have a sense of independence in your work. Confidence in your capabilities can give you the motivation to learn and grow from your previous mistakes. For an adult, self confidence is extremely necessary as you now have bigger responsibilities, and have to make your own decisions. You now are completely independent and must recognize what is best for you. All of these require being confident in yourself, and without proper self-confidence, your decisions may tend to be shaky and stagger. While self-confidence is an important aspect and part of one’s life, we must not allow that confidence to manifest into something undesirable, such as overconfidence and excessive pride. After fulfilling a meaningful personal goal in life, one can get elated over success, no matter how big the achievement is. It would swell up their hearts with pride, and make them willing to take challenges that look hard but worth it, when they may actually be a lot more than that. Constant achievement may have the same effect, and make one excessively sure of themselves about certain things they may not be good at. The boundary between overconfidence and confidence is a thin one, and we must always be wary of it.

Therefore, I think that one must remain within the boundaries of staying grounded along with being confident and proud of one's achievements. It’s hard, but if we keep a check on ourselves, it's an achievable feat.

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