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  • Dhruv Narayanan

Cool Concepts That Never Worked Out

Over the centuries, many people dreamed of what the future would be like for their people and the world. They imagined all sorts of crazy inventions and gadgets and other devices that would revolutionize the way they live. Whether it was flying cars or hoverboards or teleportation or having your robot assistant, the people’s imagination had no ceiling. However, not a single one of the things mentioned above ever actually got created or came into being.

Well, to begin with, although flying cars may sound like a fantastic idea which will save all of us those wasted hours in noisy traffic, if you think about it and see the science required behind making a flying car, you will realize that flying cars do already exist! They are called HELICOPTERS. Helicopters are nothing but bigger and more aerodynamic flying cars. Now that we understand this fact we can understand why making current vehicles fly is pretty inefficient and very expensive (indicating it can never reach the mass population, just like helicopters). While we could reach a scenario where people can just fly to work, it is not feasible for the foreseeable future. One may wonder if flying cars can be based on aeroplanes, although this is possible, it will create a new form of traffic as every car will need a runway. Also, they will be very noisy either way, the reality is different from what the sci-fi movies show us.

One thing the people were looking forward to during the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century was ROBOTS. Robots doing your laundry, washing your car, driving your car, a robot butler and whatnot. However, like other cool technologically advanced futures the people dreamed of, robots doing tasks for humans is something which never really took off, or at least not in the way the people imagined it...

Let me give you an example- people imagined themselves having a robot driver taking them around wherever and whenever they need to go, and while this did not happen, what is happening is the car itself taking you wherever and whenever you need to go. Yes, we all have heard of self-driving cars and how the future where cars with no people and no drivers are roaming the flyovers and expressways is coming closer and closer each day. This same trend continues with the other examples mentioned above. Instead of creating something to do our work, we reduce the work or make it more automated. Why make someone or hire someone to do something when it can just happen on its own?

Teleportation is the form of transportation that will make flying cars, self-driving cars, aeroplanes, and all other forms of transportation redundant if it comes to exist in a feasible, useful way.

Although the movies make it look so easy to teleport, laws of science indicate that matter can’t exceed the speed of light … so even if teleportation was possible it would take time to get from one planet to another or one galaxy to another, however, this won’t affect teleportation much on earth as that would still be within seconds. Nevertheless, current technology can’t handle teleportation and research indicates that it will take a long time for teleportation to become a reality. Research also indicates that teleportation (the way we imagine it) may not be possible at all. There are many scientific challenges, dilemmas, controversies and questions about teleportation which may never be answered completely, making the future of this mode of transportation doubtful.

In conclusion, the world is changing technologically very differently than how the people imagined it would change and will probably evolve very differently from the way we imagine it since the field is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Soon, ideas that we believe will exist in the future will be replaced by better and more efficient ones.

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