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  • Kayaan Shah

Corruption In Football

Football is a sport that billions of people adore. It is a sport in which anything and everything is possible. For years, this sport has been living in its golden age, with legendary players like Messi and Ronaldo changing the game like a tornado. But behind the scenes, it's been corrupt for decades. In the year of 2006, it was discovered that there were many contacts between Italian Football team Juventus and various referee organizations. Which meant that they were running a match fixing scandal, which is when they bribe referees to help them win a game, which is how they won two trophies, after being guilty of these allegations, they were stripped of both the trophies. Never has a footballing nation been as affected as Italy in the aftermath of this scandal. Many football matches have been tainted since then. In 2015, many world cup officials were found guilty of accepting large amounts of money to have the 2018 world cup in Russia and 2022 world cup in Qatar. There have been rumors that the amounts were between one hundred million dollars and two hundred million dollars. In 1993, f

rench football club , Marseille, was involved in a match fixing scandal as they had been bribing players from rival teams to play badly so that they could win the french trophy, and they did win it. Eventually they were found guilty of match fixing scandals so they were stripped of that trophy. Paris Saint Germain spent 222 million euros for one player and broke the financial fair play rule but it was forgotten by officials in FIFA and UEFA organizations. Manchester city allegedly had a match-fixing scandal and some organizations did take some steps to punish the club but eventually it was ignored. Football used to be a simple game but it has been so tainted with these scandals that none of

the fans believe that a team has sincerely won a game. The game will never be the way it was. Every football fan hopes that one day this game will be returned to its past glory.

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