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COVID 2022 - A Student’s Thoughts

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

With 2020, came the CoronaVirus. But it seems like it has not gone yet. Mumbai cases are skyrocketing, reaching around 20,000 new cases every day. The situation is dire and every citizen is tense and anxious. They have the fear of being infected. Instead of good morning and goodnight chats on Whatsapp, people share COVID - 19 statistics. Going to step out and get food is almost unheard of, everything is delivered and small business owners are now coming up with creative ways to make N-95 masks fashionable. To quote the news channel NDTV, “1170 Covid patients have been hospitalized and 106 are on oxygen support.”

I am grateful to have the privilege and luxury to stay home and be safe, unlike all the unprivileged people who live on the road and have no permanent roof above their heads. They don't have proper health, hygiene and sanitation and are most likely to get affected first. The pandemic has pushed many families into poverty and because of the lack of income, they are unable to buy testing kits, oxygen and get hospitalisation. Meanwhile, other people are roaming around without masks and not staying at home. I don't understand. If the situation is so dire, why would a person put themselves and anyone else in jeopardy too just because they want to have fun? A mask is not a piece of decoration and it has the potential to save lives. A responsible citizen would wear a mask and sanitise their hands regularly. The effort to beat this pandemic has to come from the people themselves. The government can only do so much. At the end of the day, our fate is in our own hands.

The other thing that bothers me are the people who call themselves “anti - vaxxers'' or people who are against taking the COVID vaccine. They have equated themselves with the oppressed Jewish people in Nazi concentration camps. This relation is unjust. How does this even remotely resemble being forced against your own will to do things that are not good for your own well-being ? To be honest, the world is dealing with itself and I think with time the people will understand the situation better. Every time cases go down and people feel like it is the end, a new wave or variant pops up. The only thing I can do and advise you to do too is have hope.


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