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  • Raghav Agarwal

Cricket: More than a Sport

Cricket is not just a game of bat and ball, it is an emotion. Cricket is about eleven Gods and a billion dreams. Whether we are fans of the game or not, cricket always holds a special place in our hearts. The sport offers every emotion and more: love, joy, happiness, tears, and laughter. It is slowly being played by most countries in the world. The British might have invented the game, but India brings it to life.

In every part of the country, we can see numerous people playing in different areas. Seeing the cricket ball cut through the air gives us energy which cannot be put into mere words.. All of us feel so connected to the game that even though we are not playing in the stadium, we feel the emotions of the players on the field.

The game was originally played as only test cricket, but with fast-paced developments, there have been many changes to the game's formats. But if there is anything that has not changed, it’s the passion and the exuberance of the Indian cricket fans which is as magical as ever! This sport is worshipped in India, and most of the budding youth aspire to be cricketers and represent their country. I too aspire to be a cricketer and represent my country when I grow up, the feeling of playing gives me immense joy. The sport makes an individual grow it builds character, leadership, sportsmanship and the never to give up attitude

Despite Hockey being the national sport of the country, it is cricket which rules over the hearts of the Indians. It creates a lot of excitement and frenzy amongst the fans of the game especially to watch the greatest of the rivalries such as INDIA Vs PAKISTAN. It is one of the things that connects both countries and always has a nail-biting twist to it

It is a sport that brings people and countries together on and off the field. It is safe to say that cricket is not merely a sport but an emotion in our country.

India winning the world cup

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