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Cuisines of Every Corner

The love for food knows no boundaries. A characteristic feature of every country is, undoubtedly, the cuisine. It makes up a significant part of their culture, not to mention livelihood. These cuisines have been developed over hundreds of years, and involve special cooking techniques, ingredients and a unique combination of spices. It is an amalgamation of a range of factors, including the climate of the region, agriculture, and the influence of other cultures. There are so many cuisines worth exploring - let’s see a few of them.

French Cuisine

France is an absolutely beautiful country - so it only makes sense that its cuisine, too, lives up to the high French standards. Being the birthplace of the Michelin guide, which awards Michelin stars of excellence to select establishments, French is often regarded as one of the best cuisines. It involves rich ingredients such as butter, wine, herbs, vegetables and a whole variety of cheeses. It has a wide range of options from hearty, down-to-earth dishes to the finest food in the world. Famous french dishes include escargot, macarons, french onion soup and coq au vin. No French meal is complete without bread, cheese and wine.

Spanish Cuisine

A large part of Spanish culture revolves around food - and rightly so! Much like most of the other Mediterranean countries, Spanish food is also influenced by seafood. Paella is one of the most popular dishes, consisting of a clever combination of shrimps, lobster and cuttlefish, expertly spiced and prepared. Food in Spain is not homogenous, that is to say, that different regions have culinary variations. Another popular dish is the tapas, which have an explosion of flavours. People from all over the world are aware of other Spanish dishes such as churros, and many long to visit this country. Spanish cuisine is beloved and timeless.

Japanese Cuisine

A lot of precision goes into the making of Japanese dishes, and this culinary aesthetic is just one of the aspects that makes it so popular with people. It has become one of the most important food genres in the world. Japanese cuisine offers the choice of a lavish multicourse feast, or simply a delicious snack, all promised to provide a unique experience. Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish - delicious rice rolls with fish and vegetables. Japanese food is often accompanied by dipping sauces, pickled gingers, and your choice of refreshing tea. Other popular dishes include miso soup, tempura, curry udon and more.

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine quite possibly takes the trophy for most admired! Their dishes have enhanced our taste buds for centuries. Italian cuisine has a knack for zesty tomato sauces, just the right amount of herbs such as oregano and basil, and mouthwatering desserts. These dishes are instant crowd-pleasers. Many traditional Italian dishes feature the name of their origin region in their name, such as spaghetti Bolognese from Bologna. The stars of Italian cuisine are pasta, cheese, tomatoes, rice and meat. Famous dishes include pizza, pasta, ravioli, and risotto.

Indian Cuisine

Despite all the flattery of other cuisines, everyone knows that Indian cuisine is the best! When it comes to spicy, flavourful, exciting dishes, India grabs the crown. In their quest for the perfect flavour, Indian cuisine is not afraid to use spices liberally. A vast variety of cultures live in India, and so it only makes sense that our range of cuisines is also diverse - each region in India has its own traditional meals that they have perfected. From the dosas, idlis and sambhar of South India, to the seafood of Goa, to classic North Indian dishes such as paneer - there’s something for everyone! Last but not least, no matter what food you eat, it is always served with warmth.

That’s it for now - hope I didn’t make you too hungry!

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