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  • Dharman Tralsawala

Déjà Vu – The Illusion Of Memory

Déjà Vu is a very uncommon type of illusion. It completely deals with the memory of the person experiencing it. The meaning of the French word déjà vu is not really complicated as the word seems to be; it means ‘already seen’. There are more than 40 theories that have tried to explain this illusion.

When the person actually experiences déjà vu, for a couple of seconds he feels that he has entered the future. Even though the person may have not been to that very place ever before in his life, he thinks that he has been there and is experiencing the very same things that he had experienced earlier. The person experiences a fleeting moment, and in front of his eyes he sees what seems to be eerily familiar, as if he has already lived in it.

In reality there is no such thing as a man going into the future. But if that’s not the thing, then what is it that really happens? Well, in simple terms we can say that when someone experiences déjà vu, the brain of the person experiences a lag in response.

This marvelous though terrifying effect occurs when one of the hemispheres of our brain processes the information faster, when compared to the other half hemisphere. This causes a lag in response. This mainly happens because when the visual nerves coming to the brain bypass the brain nerves coming to the same destination. When these visual nerves reach the brain much earlier than the brain nerves, the images captured by the visual nerves get directly transferred into the memory nerves and hence get stored in the brain. The brain stores these images in the form of holograms. Afterwards when the brain nerves finally reach the brain, the brain thinks that this incident has already been experienced by the person and is getting repeated.

As this experience of the person is brief and occurs without much notice, this makes it nearly impossible for the scientists to wait and record and study it. If one just simply sits, expecting the déjà vu to occur, it won’t happen even if the person sits and waits for ages. It could happen anytime and anywhere. Most of the times it happens when one least expects it to.

Sphere is this theory that states that déjà vu occurs when our brain subliminal takes in an environment while we are distracted by a particular object. Although our brain has been recording everything in our peripheral vision, it has been doing so below conscious awareness. Later when our attention returns we think that we have been in that scene earlier. This is because we have been in that scene earlier, it is just that we were not paying complete attention to it due to being distracted by an object.

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