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Daisy Jones and The Six book review

Daisy Jones and The Six by author Taylor Jenkins Reid presents and illustrates the story of the fictional 70’s sensational blues-rock band ‘The Six’ . The book is written in a documentary style where the interviewer presents themselves as the author, and the bandmates play interviewees to bring the written documentary to life.


The story of the band remains interesting until the end, as the author dives deep into the various struggles and hardships the characters went through whilst balancing the mood with equal parts comedy and strife. The way each character differs from the rest in terms of viewpoint or role, specifically in the case of the other bandmates, is quite entertaining to read. As readers, we are presented with the same situation that has two different perspectives. One character recounts the incident that completely differs from another character’s viewpoint, and this provides for some engaging and entertaining dialogue throughout the story. The author does a great job of establishing the time that the story takes place. The magic and aloofness of the 70’s is also greatly contrasted with the terrible coping methods that the characters resort to as a result of their sadness.


Each character plays an important role in the story, but the front stage is occupied by the two main characters, Daisy Jones and Billy Dunne. Both characters do not agree with one another, and face numerous hardships as they ascend to the stage and have to work together. However, all of their conflict disappears the moment they sing together. Their voices are described as fragile and delicate, a low tone fused with a high tone, the stars mixed with the moon. The book goes into detail about the misfortune the two characters face and the ways in which they deal with their pain. It deals with letting go of bad habits, of self-control and the carefree nature of the characters that changes their lives for better or for worse. It is a story that teaches us about perseverance, of change and gives us hope to never stop striving for a better future. It made me fall in love with the character of Daisy Jones, and made me wish that a star as beautiful and broken as her, would actually exist and sing on the big stage.

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