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Death and his Companions


Osamu Ito was also known by his alias - Death was ironically feared by all. An ex-criminal turned superhero (is what he claims not to be but people may argue about that) was not the norm at the Blackwoods Agency; a makeshift corporation at dawn and the world’s leading crime-fighting centre at dusk.

But, that wasn’t the main concern right now. The main concern right now was that he was stuck with a child all by himself on the streets of Dadar, waiting for his incompetent partner - Ekansh Yadav aka Shadow, and to make things worse the child was now asking him ridiculous questions." Like uncle, like nephew" he thought before groaning and repeating the same answer, “No, for the millionth time I am not Batman, Abhimanyu.”

How this child got the concept that he was Batman was beyond him but on a slightly better note, he now could see Ekansh coming towards them, which also meant more annoyance he had to tolerate.

“Why did you take so long, Yadav? Travelling to the Antarctic and back now is not helpful.” He spoke softly, making sure the now distracted Abhimanyu won’t catch what is going on.

“Blame the traffic instead, I was cemented into the road thanks to it.”

Was it successful?” he said in the same tone now more rushed, scanning Ekansh’s dark brown eyes trying to get an answer from there, slightly scared about the mission and what disaster can happen if not handled properly, but he would never utter that.

Of course it was.” his voice dripped in confidence ( maybe overconfidence?)

I was the head in charge after all.” he continued. Of course, he would say this, what else could Osamu expect out of him anyways.

But…. thank you for picking up Abhi for me…”

“Don’t mention it.”

“Hey Ekansh can Batman come with us?” Abhimanyu’s voice broke the silence in between them by gaining the hearty velvety laugh of Ekansh.

Of course, he can.” He replied now looking at the said man and the child glowed with happiness, which surprised Osamu ( he didn’t think of himself as someone a child can like ) but unbeknownst to the others he too was growing slightly fond of the child and the ridiculous nickname and maybe even Ekansh. With that he, Ekansh and Abhimanyu hail a taxi and set off with the setting sun, where a new adventure awaits them.

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