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  • Hiya Makhija

Depression : a silent killer

Depression, the silent killer who takes lives without warning, punishment, or sympathy, is truly among the most common mental illnesses in the world. Depression is a chronic feeling of emptiness, sadness, or incapacity to feel pleasure that may seem to occur for no specific reason. It stands apart from grief and other emotions. Although depression is more active among women, it remains one of the most prevalent mental illnesses which can affect anyone, irrespective of gender, race, or ethnicity. While there is no cure for depression, there are treatments that help in healing. Some people may never experience depression again after a single period of it while others may continue to have relapsesThere are many symptoms of depression. Sadness and loss of pleasure in things once enjoyed are perhaps the most familiar symptoms. Guilt is another symptom that leads to depression. When a person feels guilt, they blame themself and feel responsible for things they did not do. Some of these symptoms that are ignored are insomnia and loss of appetite. Stress is another important factor in depression. Stressful events or experiences can cause depression in people. Depression is a disease that affects the human psyche so adversely that sufferers tend to behave and react abnormally toward themselves and others. Despite the increasing cases of teen depression, this illness is far underdiagnosed and leads to difficulties. One of these serious difficulties is maladjustment. This adjustment in school, work, and home life can often continue into adulthood. Although depression is an issue, we still make fun of people and bully them because they are depressed. Depression is something we can not control, so it's not their fault if someone is depressed. We can make people feel less depressed by including them, talking to them, and listening to their problems. We do not know how the other person feels, so we should not shut them out but help them out instead. It is difficult to live with depression every day, but we have to fight through it.

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