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  • Krishna Mansinghani

Did the Myth Come True? (Part 1 of 2)

Chapter 1: Introduction

What do you interpret by the word “adventure” ?

I believe that it is something fascinating and thrilling that makes you feel rejuvenated, excited and ready to seize all opportunities that life provides you with.

Being part of an adventure gives you a daring experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life. I believe that it is rightly said by Sir Earnest Hemmingway that ‘Every mortal’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how they lived and how they drew their last breath that distinguish one man from another.’ This is why I feel that by stepping out of our comfort zone and trying something new we might achieve an experience of a lifetime and also learn something different, other from our repetitive daily routine.

Speaking about adventures, I recall a story my grandmother had shared with me when I was seven. This story was not only filled with a roller coaster ride of emotions and filled the reader with some unanswerable questions but also taught us a valuable life lesson.

It started off like this.

Chapter 2: The Beginning Of An Expedition

It was the year 1972 and the group of six had finally completed their four year long course of college. To celebrate their graduation they planned to take a hike to visit an ancient temple in the Adam Peak mountains located in the vast island of Sri Lanka. They chose this set of mountains in particular as they had heard many stories about how one would instantly fall in love with such a view. And the temple was worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. There was also a myth that once you visited the temple you could see things that regular mortals cannot, some people claimed to have seen an alternate reality where as some claimed to have seen unimaginable species of animals and some claimed to have seen an island which consisted of a civilization that was so advanced that it seemed to have come from the future. The group consisted of three boys and three girls, they were Kyle,Daisy, Eric, Emma, Jaden and Kara. They had always been daring and liked new experiences, adventures and little expeditions, hence, in the hope of experiencing something they’d heard in myths, they took up the challenge and decided to visit the mountains. The group had known each other since they were children and were one of the most tightly-knit ones that anyone could ever see. They stood up and supported one another when in need and never left their side until everything was resolved. The day finally arrived and it was time for them to leave for their tiny little adventure. After saying their goodbyes to their parents and family members they left, not knowing what their little adventure would have to offer to them in the near future.

A few hours later they arrived at the exotic mountains and began their hike. The weather that day was stormy, the clouds were grey and although the group had a bright mindset, they sensed something dark and foreboding but ignoring it, they began their expedition.

As they began climbing the mountains, they noticed that it looked like something that would emerge from an artist's ever so creative mind. They were so beautiful and unrealistic. In a while, they started noticing a few audacious sights, like an extremely rare species of butterflies or like a flower that looked so attractive and charming that one could just stand there for hours and not notice the time passing. Then out of nowhere it felt as though the mountainous jungle had a mind of its own, it whispered something to them which seemed to control their minds and then dragged two members of the gang- Kyle and Daisy and lured them into its well laid out trap…. then in a jiffy, they were gone! Disappeared into thin air and not to be seen or heard of again.

Since they both were the most talkative of the lot, the others noticed that something was wrong and once they did, they turned around, only to see that the two were missing!

They were then dumbfounded and didn't know what to do. not knowing where they were, worried them and made them wonder if going on this trip was a grave error but Jaden the ever so optimistic took the charge and told them they might find them later and right now they had no choice but to carry on with their journey. On their way, they caught sight of numerous other intriguing panoramic surrounds, for example, a species of ants that were almost the size of a human hand, an alligator so ferocious that it reminded them of the great tyrannosaurus rex.

Now, coming onto the backdrop and environment. It was a scenery that one could only imagine seeing in a painting. The trees were ever so high, standing proud, they were even taller than the tallest skyscraper one could view in the city, and the rain made the picturesque view even better, it filled the skies with a fragrance that was so refreshing that you would never feel worn out and fatigued.

It was only a matter of time that the group, the remaining part of it at least, reached the top of the mountain, the place that had awaited to view endlessly. What they saw next left them awestruck for the longest hour of their lives.

There they were; Daisy and Kyle holding something that appeared to be a scroll in their hand, standing there as if nothing had ever happened to them. The astonished squad rushed towards their friends to see what they were holding in their hands and asked them how they found it. To this Daisy replied that all they remember was leaving for the trek with the group and coming out of the temple with this scroll that appeared to be very ancient. The scroll had been burnt on its edges and had been yellowed as time passed by. Then the group read it out together. It said:

"Whosoever shall be the finder of this scroll must

Do whatsoever it says and for, these actions

Could lead to either an adventure of a lifetime

Or could end in misery. "

At the bottom of the scroll were given some directions which seemed to lead to an unknown island. The group of six didn't know if they should be gleeful for finding the unknown or alarmed as the scroll mentioned that things couldn't lead to the way they seemed to be.

Not knowing where it would lead them, the group of six began their journey, perhaps to the unknown?

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