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Dimensions: Understanding Our Reality

Our universe is interminable with stars, planets, black holes, galaxies and trillions of other Celestial bodies. Different theories explain the existence of a different number of dimensions in the world. The M Theory suggests the existence of 11 dimensions; while the Bosonic Theory states the existence of 26. However, we will talk about the 4 basic dimensions of our Universe. In Physics and Mathematics, the dimension of a mathematical space is informally defined as the minimum number of coordinates needed to specify any point within it. The first 3 dimensions are that of space, i.e. length, breadth and height. The 4th dimension is time. However, we have control only on the first three dimensions. In space, we can move in any direction. We cannot move backwards in time; we just keep moving forward, i.e. toward the future. A person with control over all 4 dimensions would be able to travel to the past and future. Let’s explore each dimension a little more. The Zeroth dimension has no length, width or height. It is merely a single point and a person living in the Zeroth Dimension would not be able to move in any direction. The first dimension is a straight line. A person living in it would only be able to move forward and backwards. The second dimension consists of lines and has length and width but no height. A person living in this dimension would be able to move forward, backwards, right and left. However, he cannot move up and down. The very screen you are reading this article on is 2 dimensional! The 3rd dimension has length, width and height. The universe we perceive as is 3 dimensional, where we can move in any direction. As explained, the 4th dimension is time which cannot be controlled by us. Time controls all the other dimensions and if time stopped, no events would take place and the world would come to a standstill. After all, it's about 'time' that we learnt about the 4 dimensions.

-Vansh Talreja (Batch 2020-2021)

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