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  • Myra Dubash

Dominika Egorova

Dominika Egorova. This name would be famous, but no one knew it yet. At the time, she was just a little girl in Russia, happily playing in the snow. Fast forward to 17 years later. She is now 22 years old, still happily playing in the snow. Or at least that’s what it looked like. In reality, she was frantically searching for the arsenal of weapons she had hidden under the ground in her backyard. They were coming for her, she knew they were. But she was too late.

A bag was thrown over her head and a foul-smelling cloth was over her nose and mouth, and it was all black. She woke up in a room which had steel walls and huge boxes up to the ceiling. She supposed that it was a warehouse of some sort. She stood and walked around the perimeter of the room. She knew that yelling for help was useless, they wouldn’t let her out. She thought back to the first time she encountered her captors. The Rasmaldin.

The most feared mafia-trained assassins in the history of Russia. She was at her self-defense mentor’s house and suddenly, the next thing she saw was his body on the ground. In 2 pieces. She was overcome with anger. They killed her teacher. In a fit of rage, she lashed out behind her and slit an assassin's throat. She lunged forward and stabbed another in the eye. Even in her anger, she knew her limits, so she ran out and after an hour of dark alleys and dingy corners, she managed to escape. And here she was again, in their lair with such an uncertain future but a certain death.

An hour or two later, she was being dragged out into a huge room, at the center of which was a rocket, a real one,towering over their heads. As quick as ever, she was rushed into a room where they quickly dressed her in a spacesuit and then dragged her back to the rocket. She was taken inside and shoved into a seat, which she was then strapped and handcuffed to. 2

hours later, they were launched into space and after a long flight, they landed on the moon. As all the others went outside to explore, she was dragged out by 4 assassins and chained to the ground outside. The leader, she supposed, walked up to her and snarled in her face, “Ms. Egorova. What a Pleasure to meet you. The girl who killed 2 Rasmaldin agents. No one gets away with a crime like that, my dear, however impressive it may be. Prepare to suffer a most unceremonious death.”

And with that, he pulled off her helmet and suit. She struggled and flailed around in her captors’ arms, but there was nothing she could do.

As the last piece of the suit was taken off, she felt lightheaded and woozy and was certain of her death. She closed her eyes in defeat as the Rasmaldin warriors cheered, cheered for the revenge they had bestowed, cheered for the making up for the warriors they had lost, cheered for her death. The pressure should have killed her. But it didn’t. She was alive. She was breathing. She was never dead.

Dominika Egorova. The name is now famous. Everyone knew it. She could breathe on the moon. She was great.

She was a legend. She was Dominika. Dominika Egorova.

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Jan 21, 2023

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