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  • Hridaya Badlani

Don’t let your sleep 'slip' away!

Sleep is the condition in which the body and mind recover after a tedious day. Our sleep is not uniform , but it is made up of several rounds of sleep cycles which is composed of four individual stages and a person particularly goes through four to six sleep cycles. Not all sleep cycles are the same length but on average they last about 90 minutes each. On this note, I would like to tell you that my topic is about the sleep cycle, its importance and its negative effects.

Basically, the sleep cycle is a regularly occurring pattern of our brain waves that occurs while we sleep. Sleep cycles are important because they allow the brain and the body to recuperate, it helps us stay refreshed and also helps us perform our daily tasks. However, this comes with its share of negative effects as if this sleep cycle is not maintained properly it causes certain sleep disorders like insomnia and obstructive sleep anaemia which can impact a person's health. It can also put people at an increased risk for obesity, high cholesterol and high blood sugar and other health problems. It can also cause heart diseases which can be very severe and this can also cause high stress levels and hypertension. Although there are negative effects, there are ways we can cure this because I feel anything can be cured. The first thing is to be mindful about what you eat or drink and don't go to bed on an empty stomach, increase your physical activity and the most important thing is to stop taking stress.

In conclusion, all that can be said is that this topic is relevant and we should not take it lightly.

"What goes on when you sleep?"

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