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  • Aankhi Roy

Education and Literacy Are NOT The Same!

Are education and literacy the same? Absolutely not! There is a misconception between these words which all of us have fallen prey to at least once. Literacy by definition is the ability to read or write, and illiteracy is the opposite. When we think of the word illiteracy, we tend to classify the word ‘uneducated’ to be synonymous with it. However, some people face learning disorders, making it strenuous for them to either read or write. Does that mean they are uneducated? No.

Education does not have a strict definition as one can never be fully or 100% educated. It is an activity directed in the state of development of understanding, rationality, logic, kindness and honesty. Thus, it doesn’t necessarily mean that illiterate people are uneducated as they are capable of bearing these traits too. However, literacy helps in enhancing these traits as it allows a person to adapt the mind to the constantly evolving world, as the more you read, the more you learn, the more questions ignite and thus, the more you rationalise and interact with others. Your perspectives expand and you develop a growth mindset. Besides, illiteracy is like a strong standing wall between a person and their potential, skill and quality of life. Someone unable to read or write is considered to be unskilled, in essence, someone who doesn’t possess any special training or experience. If we consider literacy as a tree, then we can consider skilled labour as one of the sweetest fruits it bears. When eaten, it promotes growth in the body. Similarly, skilled labour when put to use, raises the standard of living of people and promotes growth in the country’s economy.

As per the latest data, India’s adult literacy rate is at 73.2% which is an improvement, for, India has broken out of its low literacy trap due to its conscious efforts. With the introduction of the ‘Free and Compulsory Education Act’ for ages 6-14, the ‘Mid-day Meal Scheme’ to provide students with food to encourage enrolment and participation, the ‘Samagra Shiksha Program’ to improve school effectiveness and many other such schemes, India is looking forward to a future of universally literate youth by the end of this decade.

No matter the number of fruits literacy bears, education is always the root

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