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  • Aman Golani

Electric Cars: Our Future

You might have seen or heard about the fact that most car companies are starting to make electric cars instead of gas or fuel powered cars, and companies like Audi, Mercedes, and Ford have started out with few electric cars already. One of the biggest and most famous electric car manufacturers is Tesla, who have made great progress in the automotive industry. They already have 5 models of electric cars and have 2-3 more coming to production soon, but the question many of you may have right now is, why are all these companies doing this?

The main cause of this sudden change is environmental concerns. Electric Vehicles generate considerably lower emissions over their lifetime than vehicles running on fuels, irrespective of the source of energy. Gas or petrol-powered cars release harmful gases, which cause pollution, which are not only dangerous for the environment but also for us. It may cause problems such as asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease. Therefore, the companies realized that using gasoline cars is not going to be sustainable, and one will soon see a decline in the number of gas-powered vehicles, as these methods will not be feasible in the future.

Electric cars are not only better for the environment, but also comparatively safer. Electric cars are being made with some of the most modern technology, which allows the company to fix problems or bugs with a simple software update, which means that they become more reliable along with an increase in the life span of the vehicle. On the other hand, once you buy a fuel-powered car, there is no way for the company to improve the safety of the vehicle. Electric cars have unbelievable safety features like auto-braking, lane-keeping, and autonomous driving. You may say that some of these features are present in gas-powered cars, but the number of such cars that have these features are very few compared to electric cars.

  • All companies are trying to future-proof themselves, because no one can deny the fact that electric cars are going to become the standard, in the next 6-8 years or so. India has been trying to reduce their carbon footprint by introducing many schemes like FAME-I, FAME II, and the National Electric Mobility Mission plan, which is a clear indication that Electric Cars are our future and there is no denying that.

"We will not stop until every car on the road is electric" ― Elon Musk

Electric Cars

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