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The crescent moon shines its light as Reyna awaited for her dear friend Azra at an empty park on New Year”s Eve unknowing to why she was called there. The moon was her only company. Totally mesmerized by it’s natural beauty, she stared at it for what felt like hours, when suddenly someone screamed her name from a distance. She turned her body to see a visibly panting Azra now slowly coming to a halt as she crashed into the space next to her.

“Hey, I am so sorry for making you wait,” Azra said as she regained her breath slowly.

”It’s fine, really,” Reyna said.

They talked for a while but that only made her more impatient about what was really in store, she knew Azra like the back of her hand and noticed how she was stalling her for whatever plan she had concocted.

“What’s the celebration? Why did you call me at this hour of the night?” Reyna knew an actual celebration would be getting rid of 2021 from her memories but that would just be unrealistic. “The year's ending so I thought we should do something special!” was all that Azra said.

Reyna looked at her with concern, which made her laugh “You are looking at me like I’m going to murder you, relax it is going to be great.”

“And you want me to believe that?” Azra only nodded to that statement as she jolted up from where she was sitting. Removing a blindfold from her pocket she instructed Reyna to put it on her eyes.

“Definitely dying tonight,” Reyna remarked while putting on the blindfold. Once finished with that, she was guided through pathways that

were unknown to her. Slowly they came to a halt when she finally heard Azra say, “You

can take off your blindfold now.”

She was almost in tears at what was in front of her, she heard Azra continuing saying, “I know we have had a tough year, especially you so I decided to put this very small gathering together of all the people you were unable to see this year…”

Reyna looked around the spacious room covered with photos of so many memories in each of them, pretty decorations spread through the room with the Christmas tree standing in the corner opposite to the two large red and blue velvety chairs where her mother was busy reading a book.

A few places away from them were two of her closest friends - Eliot and Shreya, helping themselves with supper and with that realization finally hit her that she will never be alone in her battles because they will always look out for her and she would do the same in a heartbeat. This little “celebration” may not have been fancy, but she would always feel grateful for them.

“Are you ready for 2022 Reyna?” Azra asked.

“Yes, I am.” She replied effortlessly, now looking forward to the innumerable opportunities awaiting her next year.

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