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  • Anahita Sharma

Eustress is another Perspective of Stress

Firstly let's look at stress. Stress is an emotional strain or a tension someone feels when they’re under pressure. Stress doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing though. It can have positive impacts on your life and today that’s what I’m going to be talking about.

What is eustress?

Eustress produces positive feelings of excitement, satisfaction, motivation, and well-being. Eustress has a positive effect on you. It can result in feelings of contentment, inspiration and flow. It helps us build our belief in our capabilities, resilience and motivates us to make a change.

Let’s look at some examples of eustress-

Work-related projects will drive eustress if they’re challenging but realistic. Setting challenging goals around your interests and hobbies is another example of eustress. As humans, we have an inborn ability to learn, but of course it can come off as challenging. Becoming excellent in an area of interest doesn’t just happen overnight. There’s a stage where you are absolutely terrible and make many blunders. However, you’re learning from those mistakes. As and when you start seeing improvements, small wins and continue to build spirit and assurance, you feel a lot more motivated to continue learning and improving than you were before.

Eustress pushes you to new heights. It encourages you to dive into new experiences.

Now let’s take a look at the negative side of stress. Life does have its ups and downs but if it didn't, where's the fun? You’ve got to make mistakes to make yourself better.

Distress is stress that negatively affects you. It’s the most commonly known type of stress. It is a negative stress that causes feelings of worry, fear or anxiety. Distress is typically caused by negative experiences and situations. An example of distress might be an injury that removes us from playing our favorite sport, the death of a loved one, not getting into the college of our choice, or losing a job. These are common things that we might associate with negative stress.

To conclude, stress can impact our life in different ways. Both positively and negatively but, in their own way it pushes us to move on, and make ourselves better.

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